Here are the free keyword research tools I use for SEO. Don’t worry these are not freemium SEO tools. I use these daily at my agency because they work!

I don’t waste your time covering keyword tools that suck. I am also not covering Google Keyword Planner because all your competitors already use it. These tools should be considered your best alternative to keyword planner.

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10 Best Free Keyword Tools

1. SERPS –
2. Keyword Shitter –
3. Keywords Everywhere –
4. Answer the Public –
5. Keyword IO –
6. SEO Book –
7. SEO Chat –
8. SEO Stack –
9. WordZe –
10. LSI Graph –

I use these less than the others but they are still useful.

Uber Suggest –
Soovle –
Bing – (must have a webmaster account)

As I mentioned in the video I also use SEO Book’s keyword density tool a lot.

Also, here is the MOZ article on Featured Snippets I mention in the video

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  1. I logged to youtube just to give this comment. I gotta say this video is a MASTER PIECE! i have had success with seo but i have had trouble finding free tools. You unlocked the seo underworld that new guys dont see, by revealing all the free seo programs, hidden in the shadows. Thank You very much, great video cant wait to implement theses new tools into my seo strategies. Thank You so much! You just earned another subscriber! 🙂

  2. Great job sir..Can u make a video about back links and traffic increasing it will be very helpful for all….tq

  3. Hi, great explanation, you should do more of this presentation, your language is clear and you do not repeat many times as all the others are doing which is boring to follow, thanks

  4. very useful video and useful keyword research tools. I learned new topics. thanks for nice video.

  5. Thank you for creating this video, I just found you and can’t wait to check out the rest of your content. Look forward to learning more. Chat with you soon AJ

  6. I almost hit the brick wall when I came to know that moz costs at least $99. I am using SEO to make at least $100. How the hell am I supposed to pay my entire goal amount.

    But you saved me. Props to the last 2 tools.

  7. Just simply Go to google and type: WUMO SEO. They are the most efficient SEO company and ranked my website in just Two months. They will either rank your website or give your money back. I vouch for WUMOSEO.

  8. Thanks man! this is really helpful! thanks for going through all the time to make this.

  9. the very first site may not be accurate… The data is very different from what’s available on kwfinder……. then again, kwfinder may not be accurate… this is not good

  10. Great video, super helpful. No one else has this. One question, do these free sites allow for searching by location ie. city?

  11. Really good video, I use some of these and some I’ve never heard of. Answer the public lol. You guys should try this keyword tool. It’s free and I just got my hands on it. It’s supposed to be really simple to use and is a keyword spy tool to find out what keywords your competition is using to rank. Like I said it’s free at moment. It’s at this site if you want it

  12. Thank you with a capital “T”. This is very resourceful and informative content that frankly is not out there with the mainstream “gurus”!

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