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Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency
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30 thoughts on “JUST FINISHED Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program

  1. I just realized how bad this video is! I definitely could’ve worded things a lot better & structured it a bit more. I’ve taken several programs since I made this. Check out how much you can charge clients here! https://youtu.be/tqO6IZr3OS0

  2. Man hello you use Clickfunnels for clients?

  3. Great video, totally honest, I definitely subscribed!

  4. did you get your dentist?
    how is your business doing after all the training?

  5. Great info man there was a lot of value in what you were saying not sure what I’m gonna do yet as far as purchasing the program but definitely pushing me towards doing so to get to value that I need and content to start on my business. Already have an LLC so hopefully that helps with the step

  6. so should i quit within 30 days and i will be fine or should i just stick it out?

  7. Tia Pozez outsources all his work! and uses his following! 🙁 how hard is that?

  8. Hi, I just want know what are they gonna tech about? Are they teaching about how to build your own store of shopify? please contact me throw my Email: Elsharkawy_armin@hotmail.com
    Thank you so much.

  9. Tai Lopez is known for making courses. He Is creating them, not all the content. It is a smart tactic for it He is the marketer for the people with the knowledge in that that, he is smart, but he can’t know it all

  10. Program wasnt for me….Thanks for the video…..Im tryna sell the videos i have

  11. Tai Lopez is great , thanks to him i took my agency to six figures in a few months.

  12. Dude you literally how to tell me exactly what you’re doing ! I’m so tired of my shithole job . Been earning up for that course ect ,

  13. have you made money from it since you finished the program?

  14. Awesome advice bro. Appreciate it. Thanks a ton.

  15. Have you try Joe soto course too? If yes, which is better to learn about how to use social media?

  16. I was sceptical about Tai Lopez in the beginning of seeing his videos (a year; year+ ago?). But, It seems to me, he gives ppl decent;useful-enough info (for their money;&, expected time invested). I do take time to research; &, compare thingsopportunities&, the ppl; as the brand, delivering. I always worry as to whether I’m missing anything! Now, out of all this time he’s been on my radar; there’s just 1 last thing that I’ve got to verify on him. After everthing; it appears there may be 1 last thing needed; for assurance to invest in his program (at least, a handful of other things have checked out). Thanks for your opinions, Jorge. ‘One last (opposing) discrepancy to check out. Btw, ur technique will get better over time. I’m improving w/my publicprofessional speech, too. I appreciate the vid, man. -David

  17. I’ve subbed, I’m planning to stop going to university for the second semester to do this program. Do you think the program is still good and worth even 9 months later? Is it worth for me to take a break of university and pursue this? I am fully willing to go 100% with this program and put all my effort into it.

  18. Thanks for the review….I was wondering how it would be.

  19. Cool i like your given stuff, it help me a lot with my next business talk.

  20. Thanx for your honest insight. Actually your presentation was gret u don’t have to change nothing!! The thing is you have to give it 100% to be successful, just like you say. Tai program as i understand it’s there to facilitate proffectional advice, mentorship and co-ordination from him and his elite frends with their various experiences on this subject matter.
    I can assure all haters and critics, FOUR years of college will never give you that, its all abt “Memorize, recall, pass the finals, get an entry level job”, with over $50 000 in student loans to be paid.
    Tai connects us to his plp for “pennies on a doller” considering the value of such knowledge and the effort he has put to convince these elites to participate. Remember these guyz are not jacka**.
    My layman advise is, if you want to succeed you definitely can’t do it by yourself, you gt to network n get mentors it saves a ton of your time. Be real, no easy way to success. “67 steps to success”, is another very informative Tai program.

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