In this video, I share 7 things you should be split testing on your WordPress affiliate blogs. These can help you scale to ,000/m online a lot faster than if you didn’t do split testing.

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11 thoughts on “How To Scale To $10,000/m Online W/ 7 Split Tests (For WordPress Affiliates)

  1. “Testing is the secret sauce to mastery.” Jonathan Budd

  2. For the new course you are working on, do the people who already have the first one get a discount or something?

  3. Are you using the lapel mic or that other big mic?

  4. Hey, Dan. I’ve been following you for quite some time now and I’m on the edge of buying your Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded program, but I do have one question about it. Somewhere in the program, regardless if it’s in the up-sells or not, do you go over step-by-step instructions of how to use WordPress to set up a site that has an affiliate offer?

  5. Dan do you still do your monthly deadbeat university?

  6. Hey Dan where can I get one of those button plugins that you using here?

  7. Thank You, Another great video. I day I type in my website I been working on so you can see it.

  8. Dan is it true you have to sell a minimum amount a month to be an amazon affiliate or they will shutdown your account ??

  9. Konnichiha, Daniel-san. I am having a lot of trouble with following your videos. I absolutely must know, because this is driving me crazy since day one. What the heck is that framed thing on your desk? WHAT IS IT?!?! It is a plaid vortex of optical illusion, taunting my brain. At first I wondered if it was a mirror showing your robe, but no — it doesn’t move with you. And it has the window’s reflection on it. Did you FRAME a ROBE?! But…but….. w h y ? ? Is it your very first deadbeat gi from childhood, all tattered from snoozing in so many classes? Once I know, then all shall be perfectly clear. Please advise, sensei. Arigatou.

  10. The Nelio A/B is over $200 a year. Free trial, no free subscriptions…

  11. Hey. Can you tell me something about testing .Lets say someone has a well performing website selling info product. Do they actually go ahead and literally change prices often to test that and do other tests all the time (if theyre good) ? Do you see things going well and then TEST TEST more ? Thanks ! -very nice video btw

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