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29 thoughts on “Building a Web site start to finish | Part 1 – Starting the layout

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  2. sorry, but this is shit. it is not a tutorial and it is not a way to make
    any design.

  3. Don’t give up the day job. This has to be the most boring video ever, full
    of ’em’, ‘er’ grump grump. It actually teaches fuck all.

  4. I cannot tolerate this voice, stopping after 2 mins, thanks a lot for the
    guide anyway.

  5. Just making sure because it has been awhile since I even made a general
    template for a standard size web page. Are the measurements in pixels 1920
    width and 1080 height?

  6. Ok I know I’m going to learn a lot from you. This seems better than going
    to school but I am not so fortunate to have these programs on a permanent
    basis and I’m going into my second day of the 30 day trial for the cloud.
    Time to eat, sleep and breathe your tutorials until I finish my website.
    Hopefully. Thank you in advance. I watched your watch first video which in
    turn answered my previous question about the size which I followed but got
    confused because of your file. Either way, thanks for clearing that up.

  7. I actually took pleasure in viewing your video. I found your understandings
    are interesting and can not wait to view your other video. I do have a
    concern though, how long have you been in this industry?

  8. I feel that all people must begin marketing and advertising their small
    business on the internet. I also consider that ranking in the major search
    engines will be an excellent place to start. Terrific video!

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  10. Why are you whispering? I have the volume cranked up as hi as it will go
    and I can barely hear you.

  11. You’re talking soooooo slooowwwww dude…. Get to the point a bit quicker.
    Good tutorial though..

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